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Quick Question...

#1 Post by NekoTwilight » Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:49 pm

Actually, I think that was a lie. But "quick question" sounds better then "arduous and confusing" question. First off, absolutely love the game.

Anywho, just purchased it off Steam yesterday and have had a few playthroughs. I've seen a few comments about access to cheats via console, but learned that it is not possible on the Steam version.

So, naturally... being fiscally responsible, I bought the non-steam Windows version. xP

I do not however, see an "updater" under the options menu. I see an updater.exe in the game directory, but it just opens (and then immediately closes) command prompt.

I thought perhaps there was some confusion since I had the Steam and non-steam version installed. I deleted the Steam version, but see that I can still access my save games from Steam on the non-steam version (I probably could have worded that more clearly).

So, basically. How to access the console/enable cheats on the windows version?

Must have. Neko ears. Throughout. Entire game. x-x

Thanks again, and great work!

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#2 Post by hanako » Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:55 pm

Oh dear. I'm sorry about the mixup. :) Send me a private message with your order details and I can get that direct sale refunded for you if you like.

The way it's currently coded, having had the Steam game on your machine will block the updater on the other version unless you do a little fiddling around in the computer. I've been giving those instructions out privately because not everyone is super computer savvy and I don't want to accidentally encouage people to delete files blindly.

But if all you want is furry ears from the start, you can make a hacked savegame in the demo (with a bit of tweaking) and load that into the Steam version.

(I'll send further instructions via PM.)

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