Pointless questions asked for fun

Female protagonist, in the hall for adventurous girls.
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Pointless questions asked for fun

#1 Post by Oki » Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:33 am

I have pointless questions thanks to playing this game one too many times. None of these I really expect an answer to, they were just really fun speculation questions I wanted to discuss with other fans. XD

Be warned my...my mind is weird. Please discuss these and all ridiculous questions you have here...I love speculation! Mmmm tasty tasty speculation. Some are actually relevant but none are so important, most are just my oblivious mind.

And is the Otherworld dangerous because it makes you a beacon, or because it is too powerful on the souls of barely developed witches? Or both? Damien seems to imply the later but Professor Grabiner experienced the former, so I'm assuming both come to play at some point?

About how many students attend Iris Academy roughly? Like, how big are each of the halls?

What is the distinction between Butterflies and Horses and Wolves and Falcons? I know one is prettier than the other, but Minnie seems decent Horse material too (because gossiping isn't butterfly selective and Minnie is very interesting in so many ways..).

Can a young witch or wizard stay in the Otherworld if they're born there? Can they even be born there without insta dying? I mean I suppose they''d have to be for you know, demons and junk. But I don't know anything about the Otherworld so naturally mystical creatures probably fair better there or something.

Technically speaking, how would game continuation even work? Would Hanako have to literally write a continuation for each path and then give new options, thus making the game impossibly long, or would each relationship have a convenient ending? (doubtful, just pondering)

Why do boys get fancy silver belt buckles and girls only get fabric with insignias on them?!

Are there winter and summer versions of the robes (ie thickness) or are they (more than likely) magic so that they adjust perfectly to the weather?

When it comes to divorce is it easier than a regular human marriage IE consent of both parties and shared property?

What's the cutoff date for coming to Iris Academy? Like, do you have to be 16 before the school year starts? What if you're 15 and you turn 16 like two weeks into the would be semester? (is it sinking in that my questions are mostly silly?)

Is it somehow possible to learn magic so well you can skip a year?

What is the failure rate of green magic as contraceptive? Would you use Green magic to identify pregnancy, anyway, or is there something ~magical~ that stands out about it?

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#2 Post by FantasyFan » Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:30 pm

Hmm, well given that Donald is just a month away from seventeen when he enters Iris Academy, it appears that you have to be sixteen when you enter.

Since the students are shown wearing the same robes all year, I assume they wear the same robes all year. Mary Sue says that she's uncomfortable in her robes at the beginning of the game, but that might be because they haven't been magicked to adjust to temperature yet . . . or something.

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#3 Post by Oki » Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:56 pm

Good point FF! I guess that has to do with the whole sealing of magic thing. Now to replace that question, why 16? XD

I'm curious about it to a weird extent. Like, I want to know why Ellen's robes are tight but Virginia's are lose if they've had magic casted on them. Why aren't they more form fitting then?
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#4 Post by Mayadasi » Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:46 am

I hope this thread isn't too old for me to reply, I just love pointless questions and stuff. I keep wondering about all sorts of details while I play too. XD

About the Halls, I don't think you'd have to be a walking Horse/Falcon/Snake etc. stereotype to be sent to one. Like real human beings, the characters have complex personalities which can't be squeezed into a tiny can and labelled. Snakes and Toads are kind of stereotyped for the lols, but it would be hard to make all characters pure samples of the Halls they're in while keeping a minimum of verisimilitude in the game; you're just sent to Hall the one you share more qualities with, I guess.

I think the PC herself gives us a clue on the size of the school. In the beginning of the game, right after she finds Horse Hall, she points out that there are eight bedrooms there. Her own room has three students, and some rooms with only two roommates are mentioned (Pastel and Lena, Donald and Luke). Rooms of two seem to be more common, because we aren't told about any other room for three, so let's say six Horse rooms are for pairs and two are for trios - that gives us 18 girls. The game doesn't mention if there's a specific dorm section for each year, and Isobel's always being around makes it probable that there isn't, so I'd assume that's the total number of Horse girls. If the same pattern is followed in the other five, 18 Horses x 6 Halls = 108 students. Not a very big school (that's less than half the number of people in my year XD), but then, it IS for a select minority (and maybe America doesn't do 40-45 kids shoved in a small room like in Brazilian schools).

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#5 Post by ark99k » Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:31 pm

Well if you go through Donald's storyline and help him out with William you find out about wolf and horse hall being for more adventuress and energetic students. :wink: We know that snake and toad are for the strange ones. :P So I am assuming the people in the butterfly hall and the falcon hall are less physical and are more (I do not know how to say this without hurting some feelings so, I will just say it) fitly, indoor people, charming or delicate. (Sorry I don't know how to say it) :(
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