What other trophies are there?

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What other trophies are there?

#1 Post by cursebreaker » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:45 am

Okay. I (in the saved data) got the:

Star Student
Secret Society
Been Kissed
Prom Date
I love being STRONG
Walking in the darkness

There are still 11 blanks. What else is there? And can you tell me how to get them? Also, is there a way to get more money? I want to buy that furry set :) Thanks!!

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#2 Post by FantasyFan » Fri Nov 25, 2011 8:45 pm

There are two ways to get more money. The first is to marry Professor Grabner - you'll get some money as a wedding present. The second is to win the Bingo games you get invited to. Winning Bingo is purely a matter of luck, but if you're determined to win, save your game right when you're asked to play, then if you don't win, go back to your save and try again. Repeat this until you win.

I had to go back to my own walkthrough to see which trophies you missed, but here they are, copied from my walkthrough.

Delinquent – Get five detentions in the same game. You can get detention by running out of health during exams (casting a destructive spell on yourself works wonders), sleeping every day the first week, and defending Donald during the dueling practice.

Stressed Out – Max out your Stress stat by taking classes and studying without any sort of break.

Cutie-Pie – Max out your Cute stat. Here are different ways to raise your Cute stat (not all of them will be available every time, since some decisions close the door on others).
*The following items at the magic shop raise your Cute stat: Fairy Wings, Star Wand, Tiara.
* If you take Blue Magic on your first day, you and Ellen will discuss the ceiling. Say you’d like to decorate it with “Something pretty.”
*If you participate in Initiation, say Damien’s “voice is like butter” in his love letter.
*If you take gym class the week of September 23, you’ll run into Kyo and he’ll ask you for advice on how to impress a girl. Suggest giving her presents, then suggest giving her cuddly toys.
*If you participated in Initiation and said Damien’s “voice is like butter,” your Cute score will go up if you try eating the whole pie.
*If you run for president (not treasurer), pick “Lady Lampshade Head” as your campaign name.
*If you run for president or treasurer and do NOT work with William, you can give out free hugs during campaigning.
*If you go to the mall on October 26, you’ll run into Virginia trying to pick out a birthday present for Donald. Suggest some kind of toy.
*If you participated in Initiation, you’ll run into Damien on the night of the Dark Dance and your Cute stat will go up from talking to him.
*If you win the bunny at the arcade and decide to keep it, your Cute score will go up if you equip it.
*If you go out to eat with Damien, you can raise your Cute score by ordering something random.
*If you have detention on a day you’re supposed to meet Damien, you can rush to tell him for an amusing scene and some Cute points.
*If you’re treasurer, you can raise your Cute stat by ordering pink peppermint-scented candles for the fundraiser.
*If you’re Ellen’s Secret Santa, give her a card with fairies on it.
*If you’re on Virginia’s path, look at accessories when you go to the mall together.
*If you’re on Ellen’s path, send her a romantic valentine and then panic when she asks you about it.
*Order Professor Potsam a romantic valentine.
*If you’re on Damien’s path, give him a romantic valentine.
*If you study with a high Stress score, you might find yourself getting frustrated (this event happens randomly). Seek hugs to raise your Cute stat.
*If you offer to kiss the opponent during the sixth dungeon exam, your Cute stat will go up.
*If you’re on Donald’s path, he’ll offer you the chance to help out with the play. Saying you want to help with advertising raises both your Cute and Weird scores, but you won’t get to actually help out.
*If you’re on Donald’s path, when he asks you if he’s still cool, tease him saying he was never cool.
*If Jacob is treasurer (and you have at least 20 dollars) buy a dance lesson from him.

Bunny!! – Win the stuffed bunny from the claw machine at the arcade. Warning, the claw machine is EVIL. There’s an ultra-extremely-slight chance that you’ll win the bunny on your own, but in all likelihood you’ll need a little help. First off, play pinball at the arcade any Saturday between Initiation and the apple festival and you’ll run into Big Steve. Talk to him. Then play pinball the weekend of the apple festival and you’ll run into him again. You’ll have to pester him to get him to talk to you, though. Then the next time you go to the arcade, try the claw machine and fail (you need to fail at least once). Trying to use magic on the machine won’t work and will get you demerits, so next time you go to the arcade, ask Big Steve to use the machine for you. You’ll have to give him two dollars for it, since it will take him two tries, but he’ll get the bunny for you, and you can either keep it for yourself or give it to him. Keeping it will raise your Cute stat, but giving it to Big Steve will cause him to show up for a couple of amusing scenes later.

Divorced – This is a pretty complicated trophy. First, become treasurer. Next, fail the next three exams AND do one more thing that would get you demerits, such as casting Spirit Sight at the Dark Dance. Then when you see Grabner being attacked, rush to save him so you’ll be forced to marry him. Fail the next two exams so you’ll have more than fifty demerits before the end of the year and your husband will lock you in the dungeons until he’s allowed to divorce you. Creepy.

Red Mastery – Max out your Red Magic. Obviously, you take Red Magic class to raise this stat. Any wand from the magic store will also boost your Red Magic, as will the Protective Gear.

Blue Mastery – Max out your Blue Magic. You take Blue Magic class to raise your Blue Magic (duh!). The Sextant at the magic store will also raise your Blue Magic, as will any wand.

Green Mastery – Max out your Green Magic. Take a lot of Green Magic classes. The Furry Set at the magic store will also boost your Green Magic. So will any wand.

Black Mastery – Max out your Black Magic. Focus on taking Black Magic class to get this trophy. You can also buy the Amulet from the magic store to raise this stat, as will any wand.

White Mastery – Max out your White Magic. You can do this by taking a lot of White Magic class. The Halo at the magic store also boosts this stat, and so does any wand.

Summer School – Have forty demerits by the final exam, then fail the final exam by making your roommates mad at you (so they’ll be less inclined to agree with you during the exam), running out of mana before you find the crystal, or having your roommates cast too many spells so they’ll run out of mana. After the exam, Professor Potsam will give you a choice – stay at school for the summer and never see your family again or leave the world of magic forever. Choose magic to get the trophy.

That should be all of them.

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#3 Post by cursebreaker » Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:23 am

Whoa. :shock: thanks, you're a lifesaver! I managed to get the delinquent trophy this week. The cutie trophy seems like a tough one since I could only get mine as high as 85 maybe.. anyway. Thanks a lot :D

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