[SPOILERS] Full Virginia/100 Weird/Star student Guide

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[SPOILERS] Full Virginia/100 Weird/Star student Guide

#1 Post by Hafl » Sat Jul 30, 2011 10:26 pm

So as you can see from the thread title, this is a complete guide on how to get Virginia's ending as well as 100 weird points in one playthrough with easy way to get 100 red magic. For obvious reasons, there are spoilers here, but nothing overly specific. Tested on the version.

I'm not 100% sure that all these steps are needed, but this is the careful way of not getting involved too closely with anybody who's not Virginia, especially Donald. If you haven't got them before, you can also get the "Been Kissed", "Prom Date" and "Sophomore" trophies from this.

Arrival - "I want to meet them too!"
1st day - Blue Magic
Event: "Something interesting" +5 weird (10)
Weeks 1-2 - Save and load until you get 30 blue magic. You need to get increase of 3 points everyday. If you save on the increase message, reloading will also change your results. This will not happen if you save on the screen showing you a new spell you've just learned.

This should get you the Truesight, Teleport Other and Teleport Self spells.

6th September - Event: "Go find Virginia","She's trying to steal your underwear" +5 weird (15)

7th September - Go to the mall, Food Court, No meal (Do this every week, unless told otherwise.)

9th September - Event: "Get up by yourself","Refuse to take part" +10 weird (25)

Week 3 and 4 - Take at least two classes from other magic types. You can sleep on the first day of Week 3 to keep stress down and you have to take gym on the last day of week 4 (The same day as the exam).

18th September - Event: "Let her sign up"

21st September - Go to Mall, Food Court, Event: "Split the ice cream" (This event may also happen at some other date, I'm not sure.)

27th September - Gym Class, Event: "Give her presents", "Wind-up Toys" +5 weird (30)

Exam: "Blue" +10 merits (0)

28th September - Mall, Food Court: Event

From now on, you have a little more freedom in choosing you classes, however you should first reach these goals, in this order:
Breeze spell (Red magic 5)
Awareness and Tap the Flow spells (White magic 25)
Force Push (Red magic 80)
Smarts of at least 40, but go to 50 to be sure
Heal and Track Scent spells (Green magic 10)
After that I recommend pumping smarts, but it's not necessary.

30th September - Either Sleep or Study: Event: "Why are you doing this?", "I have a better idea...", "Don't open that!" +5 weird (35)

2nd October - Event: "No thanks"

4th October - Event: "Run for President", Another Event: "There's nothing wrong with that.", "Wait and see"

7th October - Event: "Lady Lampshade Head", "Nothing else" +5 cute

8th October - Event: "Yes"

9th October - Event: "Perform interpretive dance" +10 weird (45)

11th October - Event: "Crush my enemies","Demand perfection","Public discipline","Minnie","Ellen" +15 weird (60)

12th October - Event: +10 merits (10)

25th October - Exam: Awareness, Tap the Flow to recover magic and then Teleport Self (Do not repeat casting Tap the Flow on a single square.)

26th October - Mall: Event: "A banana?" +5 weird (65)

30th October - Event: "Are you going to ask William out?"

31st October - Event: "Keep dancing"

1st November - Event: "Change subject","Balthasar"

9th November - Event: "All right"

14th November - Event: "Dodge","Stay quiet" +5 weird (70)

18th November - Event: "No"

20th November - Event: "I'll pass"

1st December - Event: "Weird and awkward"

2nd December - Exam: Use Breeze on every step to guide you.

13th December - Event: "Wake everyone up" +5 weird (75)

14th December - Event: "Study","No thanks"

16th December - Event: "Black","Frogs" +5 weird (80)

19th December - Event: "Stay in"

20th December - Event: "Virginia" (This event should give you confirmation that you're on Virginia's path.)

8th January - Event: "Don't Play"

10th January - Exam: Awareness, recover magic with Tap the Flow, use Breeze to guide you, when you encounter the monster, teleport it.

20th January - Event: "Business"

25th January - Mall, Event: "Look at Accessories"

28th January - Event: "Do you like me?"

1st February - Mall, Event

Week beginning with 3rd February - Gym class, Event

6th February - Event with Virginia

7th February - Exam: Force Push on the sphere, examine chest twice, cast Truesight on the monster (The game seems to crash when casting Truesight here, always save before trying it.) +10 merits (40)

10th February - Event: "Order a Valentine","Funny","Potsdam","Romantic","Virginia","Done"

17th February - Event: +5 weird (85)

March-April: Fail at studying: Event: "Blow off steam" +5 weird (90)

12th March - Event: "Stay quiet" or "Cast Empathy"

14th March - Exam: Follow the Hooded figure, examine and try to talk to it at every opportunity, "Battle of wits!", the Breeze to the door and use Blast to open it. +10 merits (50, Star Student)

21st March - Event: "I'm not going"

6th April - Event: "Get out of the way"

12th April - Mall, Magic shop, Buy and equip Bat Wings +10 weird (100, Weirdo). You can also get these last 10 weird points by buying Wacky Glasses and the Wiggly Wand, costing 50$ less, but I personally find the Wacky Glasses to look hideous.

21st April - Event: "All right"

29th April - Exam: "Cast Heal","Lure them in","Attack"

1st May - Event: "Of course I do"

You've finished Virginia's route.

Hopefully, this has been helpful and did not spoil too much of the game for you.

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