Calander Mini-Events x

Female protagonist, in the hall for adventurous girls.
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Calander Mini-Events x

#1 Post by diamondsz » Fri Jul 15, 2011 4:10 pm

Tuesday September 2/3 gym meet Damien
Monday September 16 room (study) Ellen
Monday September 23 gym meet Kyo
Saturday September 21 mall- food court Virginia
select no food, then Virginia waves to you. Select share food. -6 stress

Thurday September 26 _______ Ellen
this happens if you don't have Mr. Grabner as your teacher

Saturday September 28 mall- food court Virginia
Monday September 30 stay in your room Donald
Wedesday October 9 ________ Luke & Pastel
unlocks if you run for president and give out free hugs. +5 cuteness (Luke) +10 cuteness Pastel

Tuesday October 15 gym Virginia
unlocks if you agree to magic being used in sports

Saturday October 26 mall Virginia
Thursday October 31 ________ Damien
unlocks if you are Damien's for the initiation ceremony. +5 cuteness

Monday November 11 room- study/sleep Ellen
Sunday November 17 _________ Damien
unlocks if you tell Damien to make the date next week. Then at assembly, stand up for Donald so you have a detention. Then select qickly find Damien. Gives you +10 cuteness (DON'T DO THIS IF YOU'RE A TREASURER BECAUSE DAMIEN BELIEVES YOU STOOD HIM UP AND DOESN'T TALK TO YOU AGAIN)

Wednesday November 20 room Donald & Luke
unlocks if you stand up for Donald at assembly when he does the dangerous trick

Saturday November 23 date at the mall Damien
go ona date with Damien after your detention. Must say next week to unlock this. 'Pick something at random' from the menu. +5 cuteness.

Tuesday December 3 ___________ Secret Sociey
unlocks nly if you go to see a play with Ellen. Say thatyou would want revenge when you and Ellen are talkng after the play.Then after the exam, say to Ellen that it is a magical exam. (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LESSON THE NEXT DAY OR YOU CAN'T JOIN)

Monday December 16 ___________ Ellen
+5 cuteness if you're Ellen's secret Santa. You can be a little free when making the card. I choose a white background with fairies on top (Fairies are essential)

Monday January 13 gym Kyo
Monday February 10 gym Kyo
Monday February 18 gym Kyo
Thursday February 20 __________ Damien
send Damien a valentines gift. Funny = + 5 weirdness. Friendly or Romantic = +5 cuteness . (I THINK ><).

Saturday March 15 mall/food court Virginia
Sunday March 20 __________ Donald
unlocks if you're really close with Donald. +5 cuteness

Thursday April 3 study Myself/Isobel
FAIL at studying to unlock. Select 'seek hugs' to increase cuteness +5. 'Blow off steam' to incease weirdness +5

Saturday April 5 mall/ food court Virginia
Bakery shop shuts don since not enough people were buying pasteries. (don't know what happens if you continuously buy pasteries every saturday)

Saturday April 18 study Myself/Isobel
FAIL at studying to unlock. Select 'seek hugs' to increase cuteness +5. 'Blow off steam' to incease weirdness +5

:D this shouldn't be all the events. these are all that I currently know right now. feel free to add more events xxx :D

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