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Re: So, wich path have you enjoyed the most so far?

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:28 pm
by mizumori_fumaira
Vanille wrote:Personally. For some EXTREMELY WEIRD reason that not even I understand.
I loved the story with Grabby.
Donald is probably my favourite character though, he's a cutie, being followed closely by Grabiner (*shoots self for liking Grabbiner* )
I hate Damien. hate, hate, hate.
Still havent gone on Ellen and Virginia's paths yet.

Don't have anything against yuri. Usually I like it. but for some reason I see them both more as my "roomates" rather than a possible love interest.

Gonna try their paths later today.
Yeah me tooo XDD!!! the frist time i played the game, i loved Damien, but since Grabiner treated us in Glen.... i started to fall i love with him

morover, when i'd played damien's path, i started to d not like him. and... Grabiner is tsundere soooo.... :oops: