A few questions and suggestions -EDITED 23-06-2011

Female protagonist, in the hall for adventurous girls.

Wich character would you like/love to have as dateable in the game?

Manuel Arias
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#31 Post by MachineMaiden » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:04 pm

I am currently still in my play-through of Magical Diary and blogging about it with my weird, weird thoughts :lol: but I think the addition of secret roman-cable is very spiffy. I reminisce a lot of this game of when I was playing Tokimeki Girls Side 1st Love for DS. Yes there is a patch you can add to play it in English and it is very, very enjoyable. If possible or if you haven't maybe do a play-through of that and see what I mean? If need be I can give you the page and such.
Back on topic here. For the sequel I noticed someone said a younger Potsdam but how would that work out? I know no details have been announced but I assumed that Wolf took place the following year of Horse. For a younger Potsdam to work she would need to use a glamor/illusion or find an elixir of youth. XD Me? I'm hoping for the next, next hall for the female PC to have a new teacher like Reiichi Himuro~ swoon~ http://tokimemo.over-blog.com/article-10097283.html
I also had thoughts about asking if you could making it over a course of 3 years but with that many words for one year and since it's going to be 6 games then I understand 1 year each.
So far though I would really like to see more non-human romances. Being told of fairies, dragons, elfs and all really makes me want to see them. XD Like that one cute purplish wolf boy I wanted to glomp (cause wolfs are one of the very few animals in the animal kingdom that mate for life :wink: yes, yes I am a romantic and proud of it :lol:)! Plus the altering gender species reminded me of Asari from Mass Effect. Just give me an Alistair type from Dragon Age:Origins or Fenris from Dragon Age 2, Garrus from Mass Effect 1&2 and I'll be fine! :lol:

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#32 Post by hanako » Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:03 pm

The games are intended to take place at the same time. Characters who haven't been pursuable yet will be in the later games.

Grabiner is *not* going to be a romance option in the Wolf Hall game. Minnie, however...

I did have some ideas about referencing your own characters from Horse Hall in the background of future games originally, but I don't think it will actually work out. Since the Wolf PC will be interacting with some of the same characters, it would have too much impact on those storylines if a Horse PC existed. Those stories couldn't happen if she were there. I could have it so that your Horse PC was assigned a different set of Horse roommates and had a totally different life so that the cameo was nothing but name and face, but I'm not sure that would be satisfying in any way.

Basically, consider each game a slightly different continuity for the same year. In the next game, that wildseed girl never came to Horse Hall, but a mysterious exchange student joined Wolf Hall.

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#33 Post by nightingale » Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:37 pm

oo, I see. Ok. So it's like alternative realities within the same school, while the rest may be up for imagination..I like that and the fact that previous romancable characters will not be romancable any more (no, i still can;t stop swooning over that Grabiner. I feel like a giddy teenager, lol) Really appreciate the clarification. I suppose adding some mentions of Horse Pc would indeed complicate too much. Maybe one day, if you ever decide to collect all and any chapters that will comw together into one game, you could consider some tie-ins, however. Bercause it seems to me you are creating a potentially vast universe, especially with all the otherworld mentions and other problems that could really give you nice tie-ins betwween chapters. Perhaps that would be a game which would deal with the rest of the years at the school, though I suppose it would have to be a really big game where the player would chose at the start which house they want to start in and then would follow appropraite storylines from each chapter and then you could have multiple Pcs at the same time, so that one would marry Grabiner whole other would be dating William. It would not necessarily make things difficults, as long as they would only be collected under one game and the player would know that the choice of a hall determines the gameplay. i hope I haven;t said anything confusing here.

Eh..That's why I prefer Cue Knight Kingdoms. loved it since the moment I bought it but...once I achieve a certain path that is satisfying to me I do not really care about others, since there are plenty of other characters I do not care about. In CKK I stopped after achieving smithy, mermaid and eastern princess endings as they were the most appealing to me.

In horse hall, I would not consider datin either William (wishy-washy) or Donald. Though I went on Damien path initially, but he's just to...bi-polar to me. So once I achieved Grabiner ending, it really became a one-path game for me because I just like such male characters and I liked the way the Mary sue turned out to be on this path. It's like ...good things come to those who are patient- and since his seems to be the most difficult path, these are always the mst satisfying. Hey, it helps that he;s some nobel (prince) in disguise. Hehe. Damien;s was difficult too..but I don't like him half as much as Grabiner. He's the womanizer, Grabiner his polar opposite.

As for Minnie and that creepy stalker,she could well use another suitor....though I am not a fan of same gender romance. Don;t get me wrong, I have nothing against them, but I don't really care for them enough to pursue them. There are certain types I am looking for and Grabiner atually reminded me of a nintendo I think it was sim game about ball dancing and princesse changing place with a Mary Eu from modern times and there was this character, elusive and reclusive luciano who was just as difficult to achieve and required patience. I guess these are just my types in games like this.

That's the beauty of such games, however and you're doing a marvellous job of creating really good dating/multiple story-lines visual novels.
I'll be watching you more,but you had me with Cute Knight Kingdoms and the smithy..lol. And you keep getting better, fillin the market for such multi storyline, user-friendly. not too big and well-priced dating sims/visual stories with many choices.

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#34 Post by Lyrics » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:21 am

Why not Manuel ? He's kinda cute, though xD

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pastel kiss cg

#35 Post by Wrynn » Fri Oct 14, 2011 4:20 pm

I got the pastel kiss cg. Went along with her wierd event after giving her valentines chocolate.

just speculation here, but pastel probably is one of those no gender creatures given what faery's are like in lore.

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