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Trophies (spoilers)

Posted: Sat May 28, 2011 12:50 pm
by perch
Is anyone else having trouble getting the Cutie/Weird trophies?

I can get my Cute up to 80 on most plays and once to 90, but not to 100. Weird is worse for me, I've only managed to get up to 80 once. Usually I top off at around 70.

Also has anyone gotten Naughty, Delinquent, Star Student or Treasurer yet? I have a pet theory that some of them might be related to romance paths even if they aren't themselves romantic events since three of the trophies are exclusive to certain character paths. Divorce = Grabiner. Conspiracy = Ellen and Walking in Darkness = Damien.

I guess you could say that Bunny!!= Big Steve though I don't know if he counts as an official side relationship.

My pet theory extends to a wild hope that all four of those are linked to side romances with one each for Donald and Virginia and then a couple for other little relationships. Kind of like how Pastel is an option for the Been Kissed trophy if your Sue isn't on a main romance.

However I haven't been able to find the elusive scenes if they do exist for either Donald or Virginia and I've dug pretty extensively into as many of Donald's scenes as possible, including sabotaging him on occasion.

Posted: Sat May 28, 2011 4:12 pm
by junsei7

I've got the Cute one, but I'm terrible at Weird - I think the highest I've got is 70. I'm not sure how best to compare notes on this one. I've got a table of where I found points I could send you?

I've had no luck with Star Student, Treasurer, Naughty or Delinquent either. I thought Star Student might be passing all exams (including the first one choosing a colour one), but that didn't work.

No idea what to do with Naughty and Delinquent.

Posted: Sat May 28, 2011 4:44 pm
by perch
junsei7 wrote:@perch

I've got the Cute one, but I'm terrible at Weird - I think the highest I've got is 70. I'm not sure how best to compare notes on this one. I've got a table of where I found points I could send you?
Oh that would be wonderful, thank you! I get close on Cute, but I just can't get to 100 and I suck at getting lucky enough to get the 'seek hugs' events. We could PM or just use spoiler tags/color compare notes here.

I was thinking Naughty might have something to do with either Pastel or breaking up Kyo/Minnie if that's possible, but I just don't know. Though hunting for those trophies has let me discover nifty side paths I hadn't found before so it's still fun to try. I just wish I had some hints so I'd have an idea of how to approach them.

I only found Bunny!! because I have an (un)healthy obsession with Big Steve. X_x :oops:

Posted: Sat May 28, 2011 5:29 pm
by junsei7
I've PMed you which will hopefully work. Let me know if it doesn't coz I haven't done it before and may have done something wrong.

My Treasurer theory was a bust. I was odd how hard it was not to spend any money though! :) I automatically default to dating Donald and was forced to the arcade so had to start again...

Maybe Treasurer is raising lots of money while in post - so doing well with the candles and May ball? But I'm not sure which is the better option there anyway. I know I give more money to Manuel than Ellen's snack boxes, but there's no indication if you raised lots or just enough.

Posted: Sat May 28, 2011 5:41 pm
by Riviera
I don't *think* it's merely raising money.. I've been treasurer, and even got a note from Potsdam on how well I raised money, and didn't get the trophy.

I'm confused about all those trophies, though.

Delinquent seems like it should be the same as Truant or Expelled..

Naughty almost seems like one you should get if you flirt with Pastel while on another romance route.

Star Student seems like one you'd get if you got max merits (which is 50), but it's not the case.

Maybe... maybe you get treasurer if you get all the items in the game? Is that even possible? o_O

Posted: Sat May 28, 2011 6:39 pm
by junsei7
I thought maybe Naughty would be casting Spirit Sight at the dance when you'd alreday been told not to by Grabiner, but it seems not. Unless you have to do lots of 'Naughty' things, but I tried quite a few when I was trying to get Divorced.

I don't know!

I don't think you could get all the items even if you always won at Bingo!

Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 4:56 am
by hanako
Trophy updates coming in near future; they may not all be working (or even in the game!) at the moment.

Suggestions still welcome for more scenes to add Cute and Weird points with.

Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 5:37 pm
by junsei7
Oop! Sorry for jumping the gun on trophies again!

Weird points are the hardest for me to get and I think they're also harder to work naturally into the story (or I just lack imagination!). Maybe some existing ones could be worth more (like hugs gets you 15 cute, whereas interpretive dance only gets you 5 weird)? Perhaps there could be a weird option in duelling with Donald (the Dodge, spell options) as it's a scene on all paths? Maybe also taking a weird approach to an exam (which will probably lead to failure, but still...) like Suki with the Hodag or when Grabiner gets annoyed that you chose White or Green in the first exam? Or maybe a weird option in your election speech? Or a weird equivalent to the Star Wand if more accessories weren't too difficult?

Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 9:22 pm
by perch
Sorry Hanako, I thought the ones listed would be in it, but that was silly of me considering you guys were so rushed. Does that mean not all/any of the small side romances/relationships/friendships are in the game as well?

For weird/cute suggestions these are what I came up with for the first half of the year:

When you see Ellen in your room going through Virginia's things and the option for 'stealing your underwear' comes up. I think that could be worth 5 weird points.

If you go to gym before initiation and talk to Damien and then select the 'ask him about his wings' bit. It could be cute points for being a bold horse.

Seconding Junsei7 about the election running. I think it would be nice if the 'interpretive dance' option was worth slightly more like say 10 weird.

If you're at the mall when Virginia goes to buy Donald's present you could get 5 weird points for a suggestion, like you can get 5 cute points.

After the Dark Dance when you change the subject during the Virginia/Ellen conversation about William you could have a cute option in the list, kind of how you have a weird one if you know Damien.

Also seconding Junsei7 about there being a weird option when dueling Donald if you happen to have the right magic spell.

Perhaps if Donald asks you to help him with the snow man that could be worth some cute/weird points.

At Christmas if you get Virginia maybe one of her card combos could give 5 weird points like how one of Ellen's already gives 5 cute points.

@junsei7 I didn't get the pm. I'm not sure why though.

Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 9:49 pm
by hanako
There should be weird points on one of the Christmas card options already, although I haven't checked it recently to make sure.

Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 9:52 pm
by Ladygothika87
One of Virginia's card combinations does give you weird points. :D

Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 10:08 pm
by perch
Oh thanks I hadn't found it yet. Just like I'm still searching for the weird candle option.

Got the card weird! It's cute, I'm glad it was pointed out. :D

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:13 am
by junsei7
oo! I thought I had tried all the card combos, but obviously missed one - thanks!

@perch - the PM is sitting in my Outbox, but not my Sent box. I've not sent one before so maybe I did something wrong? I thought I just had to press the PM button and then 'submit'?

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:25 am
by perch
I found it thank you! :D I managed to get 100 weird but no trophy so I'll wait on that one. Super hard to do and I have notes for Cute (thanks Junsei7!) so now to wait patiently for the game to go live with all the trophies in place.

*bounces in place* I love this game I keep finding little side gems and hidden endings as I dig around for trophies. :D

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:01 pm
by Ladygothika87
The weird Christmas card combo is the same for both Virginia and Ellen.
Black and Frogs. Haven't found a cute for Virginia though...