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A visual novel in which a first date goes terribly wrong, leading to a mystery which must be solved before you vanish forever...

Who is your favorite character in Date Warp?

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#46 Post by Charlotte585 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:28 pm

I realize all of you have not posed on here for a while - but I just bought the game two days ago <3
At first, when I played the demo I was immediatley infatuated with Alben. I tend to go for the deep, dark characters so that my character can be the one to open them up or whatever lol >.< But I ended up getting Bradley my first time around because all of the choices I made were ones I could actually see my own self making, and so by the time the second part rolled around Alben only accepted me, while Bradley liked me. So I went with Bradley and got Survivor, and that was actually really depressing :[ That Bradley had to stay in that other universe and Janet went back home with only his necklace... The 2nd ending I got was the sad Alben ending (I was determined to get Alben) and that was even more depressing because he *Spoiler* died and.. ugh. That was heart wrenching. It was the part that said she became an author and the critics always said her romance scenes were awkward because she never knew love herself.. That tore me up, haha, I'm such a sap. Anyways, by the end of my Alben attempt I kind of hated Alben because he was such an annoying guy. He.. ughhh. I'm sure you all understand why I dislike Alben the way I do. I thought he would open up and everything, but even when I got the good Alben ending, because I used comfort him instead of yell at him (what sort of person would yell at someone when he's on the verge of tears in his pretty much dead sisters room?? -.- ) there was no kiss and the little epilogue never said anything romantic so I just kind of felt like I was replacing Bianca.

My third time around I went for Linds just because he was so akward and perverted and hilarious.. I wanted to see what he'd be like. I ended up getting the good ending and I totally fell for him. He's definitely my favourie character! He's.. ughgujkevnd. I love the snarky, intelligent, player types (; That's why I originally went for Alben, because he seemed like he would be that guy. But omgomg Linds ending was the funniest ending out of them all and just <3 <3 <3 >.<

I also liked Rafael because he was so sweet, and I liked Bradley because he was.. I don't really know why I liked Bradley, like someone else said, he was just such a guy, I guess. And they were both the most romantic so I loved them.

Nathaniel, eh. His endings were disapointing and his character I found was very bland so I didn't enjoy it at all. He was so minipulated by Bianca, and so weak.. I just didn't like his personality.

So my character listings: (Not including Bianca.)
1.) Linds 2.) Rafael/Bradley 3.) .. I can't decide. Nathaniel because of what I said above, and Alben because of his temper. It just depends on the ending, so I can't choose.. urgh.. Sorry everyone for all this needless typing but:

1.) Linds 2.) Rafael/Bradley 3.) Nathaniel 4.) Alben.
Alben last because of killing Bradley. That just proved how weak he was to his temper.

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