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About Bianca [Spoilers]

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:56 am
by ninive
Do you think she was herself when she woke up? When Janet gives her life she's obviously not but the other times?
It'll make some of the bad endings a little more bearable if they were actually inside of Bianca instead of dead.
In the endings where she wakes up it just says she's disoriented. Nothing about what she remembers.

In the "Ascension" ending it even says: One could say that the spirits of Bradley and Janet would live on in those who would be helped as a result of their sacrifice. And perhaps in other ways as well... but there are some things that the mortal world can never know.
It may refer to wandering spirits, like the girls in the "Resolution" ending, but who knows?

This thread is really full of spoilers, but I did warn you :D