Simply Perfection.

A visual novel in which a first date goes terribly wrong, leading to a mystery which must be solved before you vanish forever...
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Simply Perfection.

#1 Post by Lethalin » Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:17 am

I purchased 3 of Hanako's games, Summer Romance, I think it was, Date Warp, and Magical Diary. The Summer one was intriguing, but it was too short, and not entirely easy to understand. But I was not discourage. After 'Ace'ing the exam, but having no friends, I started on Magical Diary. Spent COUNTLESS hours on it. The dark and broody aspects of a certain character are definitely interesting to me.

But Date Warp tops it by far. The characters were incredibly interesting, especially little Raphael, but I think the first thing that surprises me was when the house **** **** ** ***** and then the opening video starts. I couldn't help but smile because that was an EXCELLENT scene.

The best thing about these characters are their personality. ALL of them were 'likable', and 'ALL' of their stories were connected, you just had to pursue certain men to find out one small piece of the puzzle. Alben's 'Bad Boy' aspect was great, he wasn't a complete jerk, and you could tell that he was 'haunted' by something. Linds's intellect was highly impressive, which makes me wonder if Ms Hanako or whomever wrote this masterpiece was also highly intellectual on such matters. The 'Word Play' he did with Janet was always amusing. Especially the book he asked her to read, things like 'I've never seen one do THAT with a neckclace!!' had me laughing.

Nathaniel is the proper host, although he seems to not think so highly of his hosting skills. Bradley is great. He's a man with a mission, and he won't let anyone stop him from achieving his goals, no matter what. But he isn't ruthless in his pursuit, he still cares very much for Janet. Raphael was just a dear boy. Sweet and innocent. Submissive completely, and with a huge faith that made me smile, even if, like Janet, I am not religious.

The endings? Masterfully written. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes bittersweet. I believe my favorite ending was Bradley's 'good ending', even if it left me a bit choked up. Hehe. It was terribly bittersweet, beautiful, and really tugged the heartstrings. Neither 'Happy' nor 'Sad', although both, depending on how you look at it. But it was perfectly beautiful. My second favorite ending was Raphael's 'bad ending'. It just seemed like something he would do, although for this particular ending, it would have appealed more to me if Janet had taken that position instead of Raphael. And in this Romance Line, it was hard to like OR dislike Janet for her selfishness. No-one wishes to make such a decision, but even still, I suppose she could have said it differently.

After obtaining every ending, the ending where:::


Bradley is shot by Alben and then they all give a piece of their soul to resurrect Bianca, thus ending the Time Loop. This was well done, but the fact that now, they return to their own time with only memories of these four other men. It just seemed really unfortunate that in THEIR current time, where Bradley's sister is getting married and Brad and Janet are dating, that these 4 are 25 years older, and probably do not even exist, due to the coin no longer being present.

Therefore, if Miss Hanako DOES indeed create a sequel, I do hope we see these 4 remarkable figures again! I had sorta hoped you would be able to stay. It seemed like such an interesting world. :)

My thanks to Hanako and Co for creating such a thought-provoking and masterfully-crafted game.

Here's hoping for a sequel!

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