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In this sequel to Cute Knight, you have the whole kingdom to explore, and many secrets to find...
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Possibly the most significant thing missing is a sense of pacing. As a player a character grow like this, I'd live to have a more episodic feel, as if you were watching snippets of a series.

There a whole bunch of ways to do this, but one I like is more variety of events related to jobs taken. The idea being that even is skill-based ending, you feel like the heroine is charging forward to her destiny. (Or excelling at her work.) There are brief moments here and there, but I'd think you could help build the experience more.

Another thing would be a kind of self assessment. In a way, it would be in-game help leading to specific endings, but its also a way for the player to indicate to the game the path they're following. I guess that the character should be reflected as changes to the world around them. (More than a couple of pieces of dialog, anyways)

Since she's the main character, of course the world revolves around her! ;P

And to think, this "Let's Play" article got me interested in the first place. I guess I liked the sense of humor there.

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Ayanni wrote:
Yuki wrote:
Ayanni wrote:The same art style for the whole game
It looks ridiculous with art from 5+ different artists with completely different art styles.
That would possibly make the game take longer to complete than necessary, plus the same artist isn't always available.
Longer than necessary? I think it's necessary for any commercial game to be properly polished in every way.
The suddent art style changes in Hanako's games make them look really amateur and cheap, even if they're fun to play.
That's the only reason I didn't buy it :p (painfully true, since I like the game mechanics)
I sign right below you. Art is really important, it gives life to the game and calls more players to buy it. If the game has lots of different art styles, it breaks the game reality. Then again I'm sure that all game companies learn from their past mistakes and drive to improve in their next titles, prove of that are games like magical diary where the art got a true upgrade(nice job! this one I bought! hehe ^^)

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I'd like to see more of the Homewrecker ending, and the cheating little minx that Sorami is in it... I like cheating girls.^_^

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