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Food bugs! (have been patched)

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:47 pm
by tamda
On my clean save I found the following cooking bugs!

All recipes are at +1 of what they should be- IE Fish pie at 61, not 60.

Egg Nog is listed in the recipe card as 90, but is in fact 141.

And my favorites!

Hot Chocolates does not give any boosts whatsoever (No MP or HP or it's special)
Chili Beef Cashew causes the following Abort/Ignore error popup!
Compilation error in string to be executed
Error in code at line 1:
potion_effect("global.str2 +=25;global.spookbonus +=5;
at Position 57: Symbol , or ) expected
Methinks you dropped the ) at the end there. However this was a happy accident, as I'd never have figured out what it's bloody special was otherwise! :D
Hmm still trying to narrow down the special on Truffles and Pate, if Hanako wants to be merciful I would worship her! (though it's been fun trying to figure it out, I am still all stumped!)

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 5:28 pm
by hanako
All recipes are at +1 of what they should be
If I understand what you're saying, then what's probably at issue is rounding. If your skill is really 59.56, it'll display as 60, but when the comparison goes to check if your skill is greater than 60, it'll fail. Whereas if your skill is 60.01, it'll pass.

The rest, yes, you're right, the numbers for Eggnog got changed later in development and there's a missing "); in the entry for cashew beef.

On the hot chocolates, their special effect is working but the MP/HP boost is missing. (See the discussion on what MaxDam actually does.)

As for the truffles and pate... Try eating them and then fighting the demon spider.