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Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 5:17 pm
by Dreije
How do you get the partners ending?

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:16 am
by perch
Got it! I have spoilery details further down the thread.

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:05 am
by gladi
Bright day
Betty conversation
set_face(forager_face);You've been spending some time with my daughter, haven't you.

set_face(face_normal);Yes, she's pretty cool.

set_face(forager_face);I wanted you to know that I just want her to be happy.
She needs company. If a husband is not what she wants, that's fine.
So if you...

set_face(face_surprise);Wait. What? It's not like that!

set_face(forager_face);Oh, I know. There's nothing between you... yet.
Everything in nature has its own place. Helena doesn't need a protector.
What she needs is something to protect. Someone to care about.

set_face(face_question);I don't even know if she likes me!

set_face(forager_face);Oh, I think she does...
You think about it - that's all I ask.

I do not know the trigger.

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:03 am
by perch
Woot! I finally did it! Here's the Helena ending by events only! *dances around* Oh man I'm so happy, I unlocked 20 other endings trying to get this one. :shock:

There are five events that need to happen to get to the point I'm at: SPOILERS!

1. You have to do the recipe sub-quest.

This requires taking two of Machinda's cooking lessons and working for both her and Sekh the dressmaker. You'll also have to work for John the Innkeeper until you get the thief event (choose ignore) and then talk to the Thief and he'll start the quest chain from there.

2. You have to work for the blacksmith Cole once.

3. You have to say she's "beautiful" when you ask her to be painted for Al.

4. You should work with her for a while (at least long enough to get two or three if not all four hunting interactions: hearts carved in a tree, beaver dam, nearly gored by a boar & narrowly (or getting) hit by an arrow.

5. You need to dance for Deborah at the vacation resort until Helena comes and comments on it. Please note, Helena won't show up unless you've worked with her at hunting for a while first.

This requires some charm and luck which you can build the charm from working for John the innkeeper or taking lessons/working at the university to raise stam/mind.

Then you will unlock a new verbal interaction with Helena discussing her dislike for men and the fact that no one's offered something she's wanted.

You DO NOT need to have spoken to her mother Betty the forager beyond the recipe quest line and a couple of other interactions (if even that much) or worked for Cole the blacksmith more than once or even picked from his initial conversation chat choices (to touch his muscles or not).

Now here are the interactions you need for Betty the Forager: SPOILERS!

1. That you forage with her long enough to find out the story of how she lost her leg. Requires Mind/Luck

DO NOT GO TO THE DESERT! It's a red herring as is working for Cole and becoming a jewelcrafter!

Once you've found out the story about her leg she'll open up a chat option discussing her daughter. After that conversation go to Helena and she'll have a new interaction (she will not have a chat bubble over her head, it's a new option). Click on it and enjoy the ending.

Suggested stats to raise for this ending:

Cooking, Mind, Luck, Charm, (greater than 100?) some Artistry, Crafting, Stamina & Attack (enough not to fail miserably and lose all your dream).

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:45 am
by joannesweeny
Awesome, thanks!

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 4:35 am
by Dolly
And yet another ending that looks like it's been inspired by Xena: Warrior Princess :D At least this one's much less subtle than the ending in the original game.

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:57 pm
by Vinca
I still can't get this ending :cry:
I spoke with Helena about men and that's all, nothing more happened. I'm working a lot for both (Betty and Helena) and still nothing
Any ideas? Please help!

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:24 pm
by Margerita
Try getting both charm and luck up to about 30 each and work as a dancer at the vacation resort, Helena should show up there one night. After she has done that see if you can talk to Betty again.

Good luck!

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:51 pm
by Vinca
That's right, she showed up. My luck and charm were over 100, I spoke with Helena (about men), but I still couldn't speak with Betty about Helena

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:13 pm
by emichan
which parts of the conversations from perch's post have you done?

if you have too much reputation/xp then you can't get the final conversation with betty.

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:40 pm
by Vinca
I've done all conversations exept the one from gladi's post

I've done the recipes quests too I've worked for Helena and got all 4 interactions. I've worked for Betty too, but I can't speak with her about Helena
My XP was 0

Meanwhile I unlocked "Wild" ending :wink:

Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:00 pm
by fallencherryblossom
I'm having the same trouble.
I have 0 EXP, did the recipe quest etc etc, got all the interactions up to where Helena expresses her dislike for men. I have no chat options with either Betty or Helena and when I clicked chat anyways, I just get the generic tea/too busy statements from both of them. I've been working on this ending for ages and I still can't seem to get past this bit. It is really frustrating!!! :evil:

okay i went and got the ending while writing things down

Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:51 pm
by emichan
i created a character in the month of grass, that's month 3

spent until month 8 doing weaving and cooking and finding out about the recipe quest
took dance class until I ran out of money (now month 9)
worked as a salesgirl until month 10 then talked to robin and then the innkeeper to find out where the recipe cards went
went to the frontier and talked to betty and helena (getting their recipe cards)
worked for cole (total failure i had no strength), then talked to helena about him
talked to the als until i got the painting mission
worked for helena (failing a LOT because i had no attack skill) until i could talk to her about the painting and tell her she was beautiful
at this point the resort is closed for the winter so i work for betty as a forager and talk to her about her leg (getting the Charge symbol)
now it's month 12 and i sell off the stuff i found while foraging, then take some more dance classes.
i turn in the three recipe cards i've collected
at the end of the year i get the sin i picked up from hunting with helena purified, i don't know if this matters
i took one exercise class to raise my stamine then went and worked on the farm to get my taming back up
then it was month 3 and my birthday so I did that, then went to the beach resort
i worked as an entertainer until helena showed up to comment on my dancing
then i went back to the frontier and talked to her about men
then immediately a chat bubble popped up over betty and she suggested that maybe helena and i could get together
then when i went back to helena to talk to her the 'ask helena on a date' option was there

so that's my way and it worked

from the save story text at the end:

Elsbi's Statistics:

Born: Grass
Strength 35.83 Mind 35.88
Stamina 54.98 Luck 122.95
Charm 53.59

Cooking 75.34 Taming 33.90
Artistry 59.58 Crafting 56.15

Attack 15.50 Defense 0
Magic 5

358 Gold
0 XP
0 Sin Total
147.95 Dream

Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:58 pm
by fallencherryblossom
Thanks a lot for such a detailed reply!
I shall give it another go. :)

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2012 3:39 am
by Sayena
I don't know if anyone still looks at this forum, but I only just found this game after finding out that people thought it was similar to LifeQuestII. (It's not very similar, but both are fun.)

I had a terrible time getting the Partner ending, because I followed a guide that recommended you always level up your mind and gold at the western town at the start, taking astronomy classes and working as a scribe.

From trial and error it appears that you CANNOT tell Betty about the healer in the desert if you want this ending. That means no working as a scribe, even once.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!