Cute Knight Kingdom demo

In this sequel to Cute Knight, you have the whole kingdom to explore, and many secrets to find...
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Cute Knight Kingdom demo

#1 Post by hanako » Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:59 pm

The demo version is now available here

It would be appreciated if a couple of people would check out the demo and help ensure it doesn't crash horribly. :) It's a bit bigger than my usual demos because of all the music.

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#2 Post by Yuki » Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:05 pm

It's good. I like the additions you've made.

And there's no American chicken song (or whatever it is) while you're working, which is even better.

Me buy.

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#3 Post by phoenixgirl » Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:04 am

I just finished playing through the demo and wow, as much as I loved Cute Knight, Cute Knight Kingdom is even better. The music is beautiful and I love how there are more options and such. I'll definitely be buying this game as soon as I'm able to. :D
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#4 Post by Ariel Schnee » Sat Nov 21, 2009 6:13 pm

I'd like to buy this game, but I don't have a credit card.

Do you take check perhaps?

Please let know about this.

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#5 Post by deadgraceful » Thu Dec 17, 2009 1:21 pm

Hi, I've been a lurker here for a while and finally signed up for an account today :)

I've been waiting for the sequel to Cute Knight (one of my favourite games) to come out for ages & I'm so excited it's finally here! I just finished playing the demo & now I can't wait to get my copy (although I'll have to wait till after Xmas when I can afford it *sigh*)

Anyway the demo looks good and I didn't notice any bugs. My only complaint is how short it is - if only I could play till the end of the year. :P

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#6 Post by Eccentricity » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:22 pm

lol I agree with you in theory, deadgraceful. I would love to get just a little bit further with the free demo, but if we kept getting more and more then it will no longer be a demo :wink:
I would have liked to see inside at least one of the dungeons with the demo, but I guess it's just one more reason to buy the full version.

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#7 Post by WillSing » Sat Dec 19, 2009 5:33 pm

i love the artwork i just cant get over it, it looks great and the game has so much variety now, this just beat Spirited Heart on my list

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