how to succeed at classes?

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how to succeed at classes?

#1 Post by wladyslaw17 » Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:14 pm

Could someone explain what exactly determines whether one succeeds or not while doing classes? Whatever I do I succeed one day only or do not succeed at all.

My scenario - I figured out that at the desert one can get well paid job (10 per day) as a scribe (which improves mind) and that one can train mind there cheaply (also 10 per day). Common sense seem to be to attend classes first, then to do the job until enough is earned to do the class again, repeat in a loop. As both job and classes improve mind one should be able to max it and get good income really fast. The problem is that doing job only do not increase mind fast enough - I always go out of dream and, in three games, I've never succeed 7 days in a row - and doing classes almost never succeeds - class taken seven times, succeeded two days only, which is 4.08% success rate, and I had to spend HP for both of these days to succeed.

So - I come to desert camp straight away, I do classes, success rate is zero. Common sense seems opposite - dream is high, mind is low, so it is easy to learn something new. What governs that classes in this case do not succeed exactly?

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#2 Post by Muse » Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:07 pm

I think your skill set does a bit. So like, here is what I do, for example, with the cooking class.

I have a lot more bad days then good at first, right? So I do a lot of farm work to get enough stamina to max out the green bar each day, even if I start out low. Then as my cooking skill goes up the class goes better (this happens much earlier for classes than jobs).

Some classes/jobs get more of a boost from stamina vs MP, too.

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