Science Girls - Maps of the confusing maze

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Science Girls - Maps of the confusing maze

#1 Post by Spiky Caterpillar » Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:12 pm

I've gotten a couple requests for maps of the maze, so here are links to them.

(If you'd rather figure out the maze on your own, or don't want to know where you'll encounter it, don't select the text below and don't follow the links.)

Once you fix the wormhole and jump in, you'll wind up in a maze level. It's actually three levels stacked on top of each other. The first one you land on is ... /maze2.jpg ; red portals lead onto it. The green portals lead to ... /maze1.jpg ,
and the blue ones to ... /maze3.jpg (which is where you meet the rest of your party.)

Ultimately, you want to get up to the white circle in the upper left - the quickest way to do so is to keep going up and left until you get stuck, then use the wormhole modulator to change the gates around to try to find a better path.

Incidentally, as you can tell from maze3 - yes, I hid an Undocumented Minimap Feature in the game to make level-editing easier.

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