Science Girls Strategy - Winning the Demo

A fast-paced, light-hearted RPG where schoolgirls save the world from aliens.

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Science Girls Strategy - Winning the Demo

#1 Post by hanako » Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:27 pm

(Add your own tips! Also see the thread on Stealth Balls)

If you're running low on SP, Defend! You become harder to hit and take less damage and gain extra SP so that you can do a more powerful attack later. If the whole front row Defends, everybody gets bonus SP on top of that.

You get some free SP whenever you start a fight - if you're desperate, you can sometimes get extra SP by entering a fight and immediately running away, then going back to start the fight again.

Enemies will usually wake up from being Hypnotised if you hit them. So Hypnotise one and hit the other one. Or Hypnotise one and then have everybody Defend so they can gain SP while the monster is hypnotised and can't hurt them.

Jennifer can use First Aid outside of combat, as long as she has enough SP. Go to the Profiles Menu to heal your party members.

If one girl gets eaten by a slirrup, she'll be released as soon as someone else hits the slirrup. (In some ways, it's lucky if you get eaten, because just being eaten doesn't do much damage as long as you get rescued right away.)
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#2 Post by Indalecio » Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:20 pm

My tips are pretty much covered by the above.

For the full game...

-The lead's ability "Affirmation" along with Heather's Egg Cage are both great abilities, especially for boss fights.

-Some other useful abilities are Missy's Risk Assessment, and the various finisher moves.

-Try to get everyone to around Evasion 10 and Accuracy 10. You're ability to hit and evade will go up fairly significantly.

-Try to use the various finishing moves as much as possible, especially on strong enemies, or boss enemies. The extra XP from them really adds up.

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