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by Garnasha
Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:46 am
Forum: Horse Hall
Topic: Troubleshooting / Bug Reports
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EDIT: Ok, I should've searched the forum more thoroughly, not just the bug report thread. SOLVED: Hmm, here's a problem with the Steam version of the client, version no. 1.0.36. I uploaded a screenshot to spikycaterpillar, but am not sure ho...
by Garnasha
Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:14 am
Forum: Horse Hall
Topic: Python Console Codes
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About the demand for 'cheats': I didn't really come here looking for cheats, but for fixes and tricks. Top of the list is a way to hard reset all graphics options to factory settings (there's a bug I'm dealing with which I think this option would fix, more in bug report if I can't find it in the tro...