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by Asevera
Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:23 am
Forum: Wolf Hall
Topic: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall
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Aaand i finally finished reading this :D Although i will miss the old art alot, some of the characters really do look better! like Damien looks fantastic o.o and Minnie ^^ But, i must admit, a bit dissapointed in how Steve and Grabby look, i've always pictured them a bit differently...cuter? It's a ...
by Asevera
Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:44 am
Forum: Wolf Hall
Topic: Magical Diary Sequel
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Not sure if i'm writing in the right place, but i'm new here, so sorry ^^' I must admit, this game was the best sim date i've ever played!SO many emotions :D I love the story :) It's an interesting idea to see the same school from different perspectives, even though i'm not sure wether making the ch...